The popularity of beer has been riding a constant uphill popularity in the past decade, and there’s no sign of it stopping. Never before has a borderline drinking problem been masqueraded as a new hobby. Now when a pub is employing, they want you to know your beers. Wheat beer/lager/ale/pale ale/American pale ale/ India Pale Ale/ Welsh Pale Ale/Porter/Stout…the list is endless! If you are finding that beer is your passion, but don’t have the capacity (or stock) at work to learn, then why not embark on a training course or even a single day training session? You may be surrounded by drunken upstarts for the latter, but does it matter when you can gleefully humiliate them when they bring their beer snobbery to your workplace?



Brewpub is the BE all and END all of brewing certificates in the UK. Based in the North-East they offer a HUGE range of incredible courses ranging from 1-4 day courses that cost £1250 to 9-week courses that cost £9000-basically a year at uni, minus the year.


Brew dog

Less setting you up for life, more learning a few fun facts and having fun with friends. If you can’t commit the time or the (scream) £9k, then why not just learn for fun in your own time for just over £20?


Local Wine School

Yes, the name doesn’t exactly scream ‘beer training’, but fret not, the local wine school has some great courses. There is a two-day Level 1 starter course preparing you for the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server Exam. Level 2 (coming Autumn 2017) is a five-day course designed to prepare you for the Certified Cicerone® Exam. The course leaders are two of just 11 Master Cicerones in the world.

Still not satisfied? We thought not. Head over to who have a full range of online and in-person training courses worldwide that you can choose from.


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