Interested in beer, but don’t know where to begin? Get to the root of the issue and take a course in cellar training. Not as cool and hip as flair and mixology training, no, but you do spend about 90% less than those courses and you will be the golden girl of the team!

caskmarqueCask Marque

The one to go to for cellar training. If you know your cask, you know your cask marque. The 20-year-old company offer the BIIAB Award in Beer & Cellar Quality (ABCQ) – a recognised qualification by the industry – for just £115.80 nationwide.



Even kinder than cask marque, those lovely folks over at learndirect offer a cellar management course for just £30! Yes, it’s just an online course, but it teaches you a variety of skills and is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality [IOH], the Scottish Qualifications Authority [SQA] and Quality Marked by the Hospitality Guild.



Made in association with Cask Marque, this £20 online course provides users with knowledge of what beer is and how it should be stored, focusing mainly on cask ale and keg beers.

Don’t forget to check out Tennents’ training schemes to, which is mentioned on the Flair training page here.


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