Flair bartending is also referred to as extreme bartending and bar tricks. The term flair rose to fame in the mid-1990’s. Coincidentally just a few years after Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Cocktail’ was released… Flair includes any manipulation of a bar tool such as a cocktail spoon, shaker or glass. Flair is now a business in its own right, so if you fancy yourself as something of a performance artist why not try it out! To find out more check out the World Flair Association here.

european bar school European Bartender School

The 3 day Advanced Flair Course is £640 and claims to be “the most advanced and unique flair-training programme in the world”. They teach you over 70 flair tricks, quality and speed of the cocktail making process. They also have 2 day workshops in the US.



If you literally want to re-live ‘Cocktail’ and can spare a bit of dosh, why not just pack up and head to Niagara where flair competition winners will teach you the ropes?



Tennent’s training academy

Okay, we’ll be a little more serious this time. Tennent’s training academy has a one day flair training course which is, get this, only £60! Taught by four times Scottish champion and Midori UK champion, David Monaghan, this is perfect for those who have been making cocktails for a while.



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