Tired of reeling off detailed advice to customers who only want the Echo Falls Zinfandel without question? Then why not embark on a sommelier course and take your wine knowledge to the next level. A sommelier, or ‘wine steward’ is basically a wine professional who is trained in pairing foods and wines and choosing wines for particular palates. Below we’ve detailed some of the best courses out there.


UK Sommelier Foundation

The UK Sommelier Foundation have a prestigious five-month course costing £1650. The course will be split between wine tasting (6 a day) to food and wine tasting. After graduation, they also help you find your perfect career! Talk about a deal…


Court of Master Sommeliers

The Master Sommelier badge comes after the Court of Master Sommeliers Advanced Sommelier Certificate, all of which exhibits you as a wine expert. (Plus you get to put an ‘MS’ after your name!)

wset school

WSET School

WSET School London is the flagship provider of WSET courses. Courses range from beginner level online courses, to intensive courses which require prerequisites. Ranging from £153 for Level One to £695 for Level Three and £1700 for Level Four.

bibendum plonk

Plonk app

And if all else fails, or you decide to keep it novice for a while, why not head over to your local bar (they’re sure to do wine tasting sessions), coax your manager into having a tasting session, or failing all that- download Bibendum’s app which teaches you the different grape varieties available.


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