The bar and waiting industry is a fickle business. While many like to stick around over loyalty to customers, at larger franchises you’re more likely to find a large turnover. Whether you’re looking for your next promotion, a pay rise or just fancy a change, below are barworkadvice’s top tips on finding a job you love in the bar and waiting industry.

  1. Be positive and be likeable!
  2. Tidy up your CV. If you have a tendency to move around a lot, try just listing your last four or five jobs so as not to appear scatty. Oh, and if they request a photo CV, make sure it’s appropriate.
  3. Do your own back knowledge. Ignorance isn’t cool. Your future employer will definitely appreciate that you know what a peaty single malt is or what the difference between a stout and a porter is.
  4. Be prepared to start at the bottom. You may need to get a job as a bar back or waiter’s assistant before you can upgrade to a bartender.
  5. Be available. If you decide to drop your CV off in person then be ready to start there and then.
  6. Be fun! You’re going to be spending stressful evenings for up to 12 hours with the same people.
  7. Bond with your colleagues. Whether it’s over which customer you hate the most, what you hate customers doing the most, or how disgusting the toilet is, they will definitely appreciate your hatred of all things.
  8. Be independent. Yes, you should check with your boss if you’re disappearing to spend a penny, but don’t be a cling-on! Use your initiative- fill up the toilet toll, collect dirty glasses, stock up the wines.
  9. Don’t bitch about your boss to colleagues. You’re new, they’re not. They will find you and they will fire you.

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